Licensing of vehicles and drivers enables the monitoring and regulation of the condition of vehicles used to carry members of the public, and ensures that drivers of vehicles are fit and proper people, as well as being capable and responsible to do the job

Licences are required for vehicles used for Hire and reward and are capable of carrying up to 8 passengers. Such vehicles are licensed as either a Hackney Carriage or Private Hire vehicle. Although there are considerable similarities, there are also significant differences between the two in how they are permitted to operate. Drivers of all licensed vehicles are required to be licensed.

What is the difference between a Private Hire and a Hackney Carriage Vehicle?

Hackney Carriage vehicles can ply for hire (wait on a taxi rank or be hailed by a person to hire the vehicle). They can also be hired by pre-booking. Hackney Carriages are required have a taxi meter and a top light.

Private Hire vehicles can only accept pre bookings, they cannot ply for hire.